Farm Life at The Palouse

As you can see from the opening image, we were blessed with some great afternoon clouds.  Joel and I drove around more back roads and managed to find some old, photogenic farm equipment and barns.  We took our time meandering along the primitive roads of The Palouse.  In the late afternoon we headed back to Steptoe Butte to shoot the sunset.  The colors tonight weren’t spectacular, but we still had an awesome time just taking in the breath-taking view in front of us.  I even brought out my 600mm Canon and took a few shots, including the one of the mammoth setting sun below.  The weather calls for another sunny day tomorrow.  We’ll head out early again and try to come back with more winners.  Keep your fingers crossed for us!

  • That girl with the red streaks
    April 9, 2010

    Wait. undo. The last photo should be the primary. Print. please.

    • Mahesh
      April 9, 2010

      Deb, LOL! Indeed…that girl with the red streaks. I debated about putting the last photo as the primary, but wanted to end the blog with a “bang,” so to speak. Glad you liked it…I had a feeling you would.

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