A Hike to Panorama Point at Mt. Rainier NP

Yesterday I was post-call, but the weather was too hot to stay in town.  So, I drove out to Mt. Rainier National Park and hiked the Panorama Point trail.  Although the hike was moderately strenuous, the cool winds and colorful wildflowers kept my body and soul refreshed.  The trail offers spectacular views of the Tatoosh Mts. and Mt. Rainier.  Higher up, you’ll also see Mt. Adams and Mt. St. Helens.  Did you notice them in the opening image?

  • Ann
    August 6, 2012

    absolutely stunning, Mahesh. Thank you for sharing.

  • Steve Marglin
    August 6, 2012

    Mahesh…the images are fantastic.

  • Karen
    August 6, 2012

    As always, your pictures are awesome. I love them all. Thank you for sharing them.

  • Barb Michieli
    August 7, 2012

    I just LOVE Mount Rainier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vic
    August 7, 2012

    Extraordinary blend of colors, textures, and clarity. I find my eyes searching the entire image looking for treasures.

  • Kansu
    August 7, 2012

    I like your Pictures, Always look at awesome images,
    Also i want to take picture just like your images,
    when is best time take picture at Mount Rainier

    • Mahesh
      August 10, 2012

      Thanks, Kansu! I would say, August – Oct are the best times for Rainier.

  • Chris W
    August 12, 2012

    Hi Mahesh-

    I love the suggestion of parallel lines in the first image and the natural symmetry you’ve framed well there.

    Technical question, though — I was out with the Seattle Hiking & Photography meetup yesterday in the north Cascades, and noticed all my shots of the lupines there came out blueish. I’ve heard purples are problematic for digital cameras in general, and I was wondering if you had a trick for restoring the proper color there. (The difference between the lupines in ‘Path to Paradise’ vs ‘Luscious Lupines’ is quite dramatic, for instance).

    • Mahesh
      August 13, 2012

      Thanks, Chris. You ask a very good question, to which I don’t think I have a very “good’ answer. First of all, make sure your white balance is correct (or shoot in RAW and worry about it later). Also realize that the color will look different depending on the quality of light hitting it. For example, colors will, in general, look cooler “more blue” in deep shadows. If fact, I’ve noticed that the colors in the shadow while the sun is till above the horizon vs. after sunset will vary.

      As a last resort, I color balance the various parts of the image differently. For example, I may “warm up” the shadows and leave the highlights alone.

      I, too, struggle with colors, not just purples/blues, but also pinks/reds. I’m now satisfied to make the images look “good” vs. making them look “accurate.”

  • Betty
    August 13, 2012

    As the kids say “OMG”
    Hi Mahesh, this beauty
    has me in tears. You have
    put great heart in love
    of our mountains.
    Thank you so much

  • Dianne - Bunny Trails
    September 3, 2012

    Wow!! Absolutely gorgeous!! Love these.

  • Wie
    April 11, 2013

    Your works is stunning Sir!

  • Catherine DeVries
    November 5, 2013

    Mahesh, you are MY Favorite photographer and artist of all time. 🙂 I truly hope you are no longer the “Starving Photographer”. By all rights, you should by now have reached the status of “Legend”. I am no artist, just a lover of great beauty. Thank you immensely, for sharing! Have you been able to put your works in any formal art shows (I have always wondered about that); if not, you are certainly deserving of the honor!

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